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Bus transport on Ameland

Bus transport on Ameland

The bus service on Ameland offers connecting transportation from the ferry to the four villages and all campgrounds (and vice versa) with routes 1 and 2. It also allows you to travel fast between villages.  


In the bus on Ameland you can travel with your OV-chipcard, or you may purchase a ticket in de bus, but you may only pay with pin. It is possible to top up your OV-chipcard balance on the Ameland Arriva buses and at Primera. The relevant journey price will be deducted from your OV-chipcard balance. Two tariffs exist:

  • 2021: Journey within 1 zone: € 1,67 per journey
  • 2021: Journey within 2 zones: € 2,57 per journey

Additionally there is the possibility to purchase an online ticket in advance (printed or on your telephone) via of through the Arriva app. Also, Dutch public transport season tickets are valid on the Arriva buses on Ameland. 

Time table 

There are 2 bus lines on Ameland:

  • Line 1 is the line between Hollum and Ballum and Nes and the ferry to Holwerd.
  • Line 2 is the line between Buren and Nes and the ferry to Holwerd.

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*Due to the corona measures not all activities mentioned in the timetable will take place.

Corona measures

Wearing a non-medical mouth mask is mandatory for people aged 13 years and older. 


Are you planning to come with a larger group? You can book a bus in advance at transport company Arriva by calling +31 (88) 277 62 76 or via e-mail:
For groups of approximately 30 guests and up who will be staying on the island, Arriva offers a special rate. Arriva prefers to be notified in advance, to prevent disappointment. The specific details of how and when to travel can then be agreed.

Horse-drawn rescue boat

It is also possible to take the bus to the launch of the horse-drawn rescue boat. The bus departs Buren and along the way picks up guests in each village (at several bus stops) on Ameland. 

Guests with limited mobility

Guests with limited mobility can also use the bus on the island.  Various stops on the island have visual and/or motor adjustments, to ensure people with limited mobility can easily board and exit the bus.

  • Buren, bus stop Kiekduun/Klein Vaarwater on the Strandweg
  • Nes, bus stop Strand (Beach) Nes/Duinoord on the Strandweg
  • Nes, bus stop Veerhaven (Ferry)
  • Ballum, bus stop Gemeentehuis (Town Hall) on the Jelmeraweg
  • Hollum, bus stop De Stelp (nursing home) on the Hidde Dirks Katstraat
  • Hollum, bus stop Jeugdherberg (youth hostel) on the Oranjeweg 59

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Achterdijken 80 B
9163 JV, Nes Ameland
+31 519-542010

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