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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the ferry to and from ameland leave?

The ferry to and from Ameland operates according to a standard timetable. On days when many visitors are expected, Wagenborg Passenger Services operates a second ferry, the so-called "additional crossings".

Where can I find more information about ferry prices?

Click here for the page with all the information you need to come to Ameland.


Do I have to book the ferry if I want to go to Ameland?

Persons, bikes, bicyle trailer and motorbikes don't have to be booked. But you have to buy a boat ticket online via the site of Wagenborg Passenger service (

If you come with a group (minimum of 15 persons) you can make a group booking, because you can get group discount. More information about Wagenborg Passenger servicey and group discount, you can find here.

If you come by car, caravan and/or trailer, you also need to book a place on the ferry in time. You can do this online or by phone (003188-1031000*) at Wagenborg Passenger service.

More information about Wagenborg Passenger service, the departure times and the prices, you can find here.

* If you call from the Netherlands, you can reach Wagenborg Passenger service at telephone number 0900-9238.

Can I buy ferry tickets online?

Yes, ferry return tickets for people, bicycles, dogs, vehicles etc. can and must be purchased online via the website of Wagenborg Passenger Services. For foot passengers, motorcyclists and bicyclists, ferry reservations are not possible. We therefore recommend arriving at the ferry terminal on time.

Online tickets do not need to be printed, the tickets can also be scanned directly from your smartphone.Wagenborg Passenger Services sells only return tickets. Foot passengers and cyclists do not need to show their tickets on their return journey to Holwerd.

Car, mobile home, and/or trailerTaking a car, mobile home, and/or trailer to Ameland? Please ensure you do this well in advance given the limited space for vehicles on the ferry, and indicate the vehicle license plate number as well as the preferred outbound and return journey date and time. Reservations can be made online and by telephone via 0900-9238, or from abroad 003188-1031000.

The reservation desk of Wagenborg Passenger Services can be Monday through Saturday 08:00 – 20:00 and Sundays 09:00 – 15:00

For more information about Wagenborg Passenger service, please review the departure times and prices on this page.

How do I travel to Ameland by public transport?

Click here for information about your trip to and from Ameland by public transport.

How do I get from the ferry to my accommodation?

If you arrive by ferry there are buses and taxis ready for you that can take you to your holiday address. The 'OV-chipkaart' is valid on Ameland, but you can also buy a bus ticket at the bus driver fast and easy. 

It is also possible to rent a car from one of the car rental companies.
Of course, you can also rent a bicycle or walk to your accommodation.

To transport

What does parking in Holwerd cost?

Click here for more information about parking in Holwerd.



Does the ferry to Ameland always depart?

Does the ferry to Ameland always depart?

The ferry to Ameland operates 365 days per year.  The route from and to Ameland depends on weather conditions, such as tide and water level, wind force, and wind direction. In cases of extremely poor weather conditions it is possible that a scheduled departure is cancelled or moved to a later time. This will be indicated on the Wagenborg Passenger services website and their Twitter page (shortly) beforehand. 

Is the ferry on time?

On the website and Twitter page of Wagenborg Passenger Services you will find the actual arrival times and the latest news about possible delays.

Extra departures

During holidays, Fridays and extremely busy days in July and August there are usually extra departures. These are listed in the service schedule on the website of Wagenborg Passenger Services. We recommend arriving at the ferry terminal well in time, on busy days at least 30 minutes prior to departure.

For more information, departures, and fees, please visit the Wagenborg Passenger Services website or call 0900-9238. Callers from abroad can reach Wagenborg Passenger Services on +31 88 103 1000.

The reservation desk of Wagenborg Passenger Services can be reached Monday through Saturday 08:00 – 20:00, and Sundays and holidays 09:00 – 15:00

Where does the ferry to Ameland leave and how do I get there by car?

The ferry to Ameland leaves from Holwerd.

You can find more information about the departure times and prices here.

Click here for more information about your trip to Holwerd.

Where does the ferry arrive?

The ferry arrives at the village Nes on Ameland.



What does a boat trip to Ameland cost?

Check the prices for a boat trip to Ameland.

Can Ameland be reached by plane?

Ameland is one of the few Wadden islands with its own airport. This makes it possible to visit Ameland by (private) plane.

Parachute jumping and flight tours are also possible on Ameland.



Is the given ferry ticket price for a one way only?

No, all prices are for a return ticket. There are no one way tickets.

Is the price for the crossing of the car including passengers?

The price for the crossing of the car is excluding passengers. You also have to pay for a bike carrier or trailer/caravan. If you take the bicycles on the roof of the car, you don't have to pay for them.

Is a 'OV-chipkaart' valid on the ferry?

No, the 'OV-chipkaart' is not valid on the ferry. For more information about ferry tickets and prices, click here.



Can I come to Ameland with my own boat?

Yes, that is possible. You can go to the marina of Ameland. Click here for more information.

Can I rent a car on Ameland?

You can rent a car on Ameland. Look here for the companies.



Am I allowed to drive my car on Ameland?

You are allowed to drive your car on Ameland. But the village centres of Hollum and Nes are car free.

If you wish to bring your own car to Ameland, you will have to book a place for the crossing on the ferry in time. You can do this online at Wagenborg Passenger service, or by phone 0031-88 103 1000. If you call from the Netherlands, you can reach Wagenborg Passenger service via 0900-9238.

More information about the ferry time table, prices and departure times you can find here.

Where can I go for renting bikes?

There are more than one bike rental companies on Ameland. Click here for an overview of the companies.


Can I make a boat trip from Ameland to another waddenisland?

In high season (July and August) it is possible to make a boat trip to Terschelling of Schiermonnikoog on certain days. Click here for the time table and more information.

Can I go to Terschelling or Schiermonnikoog from Ameland?

In high season (June, July and August) it is possible to go mudflat hiking/ island hopping on certain days to Terschelling or Schiermonnikoog. Click here for the time table and more information.

Is there a guarded parking place in Holwerd?

Look here for information about parking in Holwerd.

Does Ameland have charging stations for my electric car?

On Ameland you will find charging stations for electric cars at the following locations:


  • Jan Jacobsweg 6, parking lot
  • car park Fabrieksweg 28, at 'Faber Wijnberg Installatietechniek'


  • Strandweg 2, parking lot


  • Bureweg 2, car park VVV Ameland
  • Verdekspad 9, parking lot
  • Strandweg 51, car park at Landal Ameland State


  • Klein Vaarwaterweg 14, car park holiday resort Klein Vaarwater

There are no fast charging stations on Ameland.

Are there charging points for my electric bicycle on Ameland?

There are charging points for your electric bicycle on Ameland:

Ferry Holwerd - Ameland Buren:
Hotel De Klok
Hoofdweg 11 Buren

Restaurant 't Koaikershuus
Kooiplaats 6

Camping Roosdunen
Strandweg 20

Hotel Nobel
Gerrit Kosterweg 16

Restaurant Tante A'n
Oranjeweg 1

Pannenkoekhuis Onder de Vuurtoren
Oranjeweg 44

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