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WellNES De Vlindertuin

"De Vlindertuin" is called "De Vlindertuin" for a clear reason.

Being and staying balanced is a true gift to yourself and the people around you. In our courtyard, you will find the new WellNES building, which is where several Ameland business owners run their practice. The broad selection of treatment options is very popular. Tip: Make your reservation well in advance to avoid disappointment. We recommend that you think about your WellNES wishes at the time of booking your vacation, and contact the relevant practice accordingly.

WellNES offering:

  • WellNES Retreat midweek
  • WellNES Massage & Beautysalon
  • WellNES Lifestyle coaching, nutrition and supplement advice
  • WellNES Nail studio
  • WellNES Workshops
  • WellNES Walking coach
  • WellNES Pedicure
  • WellNES Sport (exclusively for guests at Apartments De Vlindertuin)
  • WellNES Saunas (exclusively for guests at Apartments De Vlindertuin)

NEW at Apartments De Vlindertuin are the 4 day retreats. The first two are already on the schedule! 14-18 November 2022 and 27-31 March 2023 our specialised therapists are ready for you. You are invited to slow down, turn your gaze inward, and let go of everything that no longer serves you well.

For more information, please contact the business owners at WellNES De Vlindertuin. Contact details can be found at the website of Apartments De Vlindertuin.

WellNES De Vlindertuin

Polderweg 2
9163 JM, Nes

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WellNES de Vlindertuin
Polderweg 2
9163 JM, Nes

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