Beach and shell excursion Ameland

Beach excursion

Almost everyone who visits Ameland, will also go to the beach and look along the tideline to see if something remarkable lies around. Most of the time you will find all kinds of stuff, but you will be left behind with questions concerning, 'what is the name of my catch, where does it come from, how is it originated', and so on. This excursion gives you a unique oppurtunity to give value to your beach visit, which was superficial up to now. 

Attention will be paid to the natural qualities of the North Sea beach, as well as the unnatural things often found on the beach, unfortunately. Not only will you get information from your guide, you will also search for yourself along the tide line, after which the jointed collection will be displayed and determined. Of course the molluscs, such as shell animals, will be discussed. Furthermore you can spot the most variable findings. Varying from sun lovers, starfish, fossils and jellyfish, to shampoo bottles from China.

You can have a look in the online activity calendar to see if the activity takes place during your stay on the island. You can also visit the VVV Tourist Information Office in Hollum or Nes for a free program of all the activities and for buying tickets.

It is not possible to book tickets by phone or online by the VVV Tourist Information Centre.

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Beach excursion

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