Frequently asked questions about cancellation - Tourist Information Centre VVV Ameland.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the travel conditions of the Tourist Office?

Click here for the travel conditions of the Tourist Office (Dutch).


Can I cancel my booked stay and what are the costs?

Please contact VVV Ameland if a made booking needs to be canceled. This can be done by phone at 0031519-546546 or via email at can inform you about the conditions and the cancelling costs.

Is it possible to take out a cancellation policy with my booking?

If you book an accommodation with Tourist Office Ameland, you can participate in the 'Annuleringsregeling' of the Tourist Office Ameland for 5% of the travel amount. If you have to cancel or abort you holiday because of circumstances, then the 'Annuleringsregeling' gives you the opportunity to compensate the cancellation costs, under certain circumstances.

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