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Free Tour

Join us on the Ameland Free Tour if you want to see Nes and Hollum through the eyes of a local.

Expect a passionate guide, historical stories, beautiful old buildings, monuments and funny facts about Ameland. It’s the best introduction to the island!

It’s not necessary to sign up for these tours. The tour takes about 1,5 hours.


  • Dinsdag 19 juli 2022
  • Dinsdag 26 juli 2022
  • Dinsdag 2 augsutus 2022

The free tour starts in Hollum at 13:30 hour at the cultural, historical museum Sorgdrager.


  • Donderdag 14 juli
  • Donderdag 21 juli
  • Donderdag 28 juli
  • Donderdag 4 augustus
  • Vrijdag 12 augustus
  • Donderdag 18 augustus
  • Donderdag 25 augustus

This walk starts in the village Nes at 10:15 hour at the Sint Clemenskerk.

This is a Free Tour. But if you liked the tour, you can give us a donation according to your own budget. You pay what you think the tour was worth!

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