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Maritime centre Abraham Fock - Tourist Information “VVV”Ameland

Maritime centre Abraham Fock

Navigate through the centre and through time using stars, compass and coast lines. Participate in a real rescue operation, experience history in the old Commission room and witness special (captains') stories. Appeals to both young and old!

Horse-pulled rescue boat
The launch of the rescue boat pulled by horses is a top attraction on the island. The rescue horses have received a place of honour at the centre. Meet the horses and their horsemen in the horse stables. About 14 times a year there is a demonstration of this rescue boat launch. It departs from the Maritime Centre. The launch takes place at the beach south west of Hollum. With a display of sheer force the horses pull the boat into the sea. If you have never seen this, you should definitely experience it. Curious when the demonstrations take place? Please click here for the dates.

The Maritime Centre is wheel chair accessible. 

The Maritime Centre is currently closed due to current corona measures. 


  • Adults € 5,50 p.p.
  • Children (5 - 12 years old) € 4,00 p.p.

Maritime centre Abraham Fock

Oranjeweg 18
9161 CC, Hollum

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