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Are you looking for a unique holiday destination where you can enjoy a versatile vacation? Look no further, because Ameland has it all!

This beautiful Wadden Island offers everything you need, so hop on the boat and experience an unforgettable holiday. Whether you love being active, taking endless walks in nature, or just relaxing on the beach, Ameland has something for everyone. And with our packages, planning your vacation becomes even easier and more affordable!

Active Packages
Cycling, hiking, or water sports, there's always something to do on Ameland! The island boasts numerous cycling and hiking trails that lead you along dunes, forests, and picturesque villages. With a package, you can explore the island at your own pace while enjoying the fresh sea air and impressive landscape. On Ameland, you'll never be bored!

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About Ameland


One of the highlights of Ameland is the breathtaking beach that stretches over an impressive 27 kilometers. Here, you can relax while listening to the soothing sound of the waves and bask in the sun's rays on your skin. The beach also offers plenty of opportunities for activities such as shell collecting, building sandcastles, or simply enjoying a refreshing walk along the shoreline


In addition to its natural beauty, Ameland is also rich in authentic villages that transport you back in time. Visit the picturesque Nes, where you can stroll through narrow streets with old captain's houses and charming shops. Or head to Hollum, where you can enjoy historical monuments such as the Saint Magnus Church and the Abraham Fock Rescue Museum.


For nature lovers, Ameland is a true paradise. The island has various natural areas, such as the Oerd, where you can take beautiful walks while enjoying expansive views of rolling dunes and salt marshes. Additionally, Ameland is home to several bird breeding colonies. Always wanted to see seals? Then a seal-watching excursion is definitely recommended!


On Ameland, you can find many museums covering culture, history, maritime topics, and even a lighthouse. There's something for everyone. Don't forget to visit the Ameland lighthouse, which offers a stunning view of the island and the North Sea. And did you know that our Lighthouse Package includes a visit to our iconic landmark?

Eat and drink

Say vacation, and you say food & drinks. And Ameland happens to have numerous charming restaurants where you can enjoy this to the fullest! Be sure to taste the local specialties and savor fresh dishes or delicious regional products. Interested in experiencing the Ameland Produkt? Then our Ameland Produkt Package is the perfect arrangement for you!

Art Month

November = Art Month on Ameland. A month filled with art, culture, and creativity. Enjoy various exhibitions, performances, and workshops, all centered around the theme Boundless in 2024. In addition to exhibitions and performances, there are also various workshops, guided tours, and lectures.
Tip: Reserve our Art Month package to make your visit to the Art Month even more enjoyable

Arrangements including accommodation on Ameland
Book a holiday home surrounded by nature, allowing you to enjoy ultimate privacy and tranquility. Sleep under the lighthouse light, wake up to the sound of singing birds, and savor a cup of coffee on your own terrace. It's the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and completely unwind. But also, hotel packages, such as those offered by Fletcher or Westcord Hotel Noordee, or one of the other delightful hotels on Ameland, are available options.

Our packages can be reserved at nearly all accommodations that you can book through VVV Ameland!

Our packages

Lighthouse package - Tourist information

Lighthouse package

The lighthouse; the figurehead of Ameland! With this arrangement, we put the lighthouse even more in the spotlight. Lighthouse package

Cycling package - Tourist information

Cycling package

Crackling shell paths and the delightful fresh scent of the forest and dunes. The best way to discover Ameland is by bike Cycling package

Hiking package - Tourist information

Hiking package

Put on your hiking boots and come enjoy a refreshing walk on Ameland! Hiking package

Art Month package - Tourist information

Art Month package

Come and enjoy the Art Month on Ameland with this specially curated accommodation package! Art Month package

Ameland produkt package - Tourist information

Ameland produkt package

Ameland has plenty of pure home-grown products. You will discover them with our Ameland produkt package! Ameland produkt package

Holiday package - Tourist information

Holiday package

Heading to Ameland soon? Then you'll want to start your vacation well-prepared, of course! The holiday package will assist you with that! Holiday package

Group packages

With your colleagues, friends, or family for one or more days on Ameland? For mudflat hiking, cycling, exploring, and enjoying? Of course, that's possible too! Especially for groups, we have put together some beautiful packages.

Ameland, the ideal holiday destination.
In short, Ameland is the perfect vacation spot for anyone who loves being active in nature, relaxing on beautiful beaches, and exploring charming villages. Whether you want to cycle through the dunes, walk along the beach, or simply enjoy the serene beauty of the island, Ameland has everything you're looking for. Book a package now on this unique Wadden Island and have an unforgettable experience!"

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Booking through VVV Ameland
Our packages offer you genuine Ameland quality at an irresistible price, whether it's budget-friendly and basic or a bit more luxurious, all naturally with delightful extras. But why should you book an arrangement through VVV Ameland?

Arrangementen via VVV Ameland - Tourist information

One of the major advantages of booking through VVV Ameland is that you can benefit from our extensive knowledge of the island. Whether you're looking for the best accommodation, family-friendly activities, the most affordable packages, or the most beautiful spots to explore, we are ready to assist you. Additionally, you can rely on us to reserve tickets for excursions and find all the information you need about the island. This makes planning your Ameland vacation even easier and more enjoyable! We help you make the most out of your trip!

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