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Cycling tour Amelands Produkt

Fancy the best pure flavours of Ameland? Hit the pedals for a tasty day trip from East to West and back, with a pitstop in each village. Follow the smell and let your taste buds do the work during our 'Amelands Produkt' cycling trip, a tour following authentic food products from Ameland soil.

‘Amelands Produkt’ is an official quality label for the island's local products, which are a true treat thanks to the salty meadows and the refreshing sea air.

Enjoy that prize winning sausage from Buren, drink beer made with Ameland hops and barley, or spread some Ameland mustard on a slice of wheat bread with Ameland 'polder' cheese.  Or how about some lightly salted free-range lamb, delicious creamy ice cream, or fresh Ameland yoghurt?  Take a meal home with you, or come join one of the restaurants with 'Amelands Produkt' on the menu, which are recognizable by the 'Amelands Produkt' logo they display.

The route
Kick off at the ferry or the Tourist office in Nes. Depending on the wind, cycle in just half an hour either on the in- or outside of the dike along the Waddensea to Ballum. Leave the dike at the statue of the 'Dijkwachters' and cycle along the Smitteweg towards Ballum. On your left, on Smitteweg No. 6, you will find Bierbrouwerij (brewery) Ameland.   Continue to picturesque Ballum, cycle through the Camminghastraat, and then the Strandweg.

At the roundabout, turn left and cycle towards Hollum on the Verbindingsweg. On number 14 you will find organic  farm Ameland. Take a look around the farm, and take home the most delicious yoghurt and "kwark" (which holds the middle between yoghurt and cottage cheese).

Afterwards, take the first street on your left, which is Pietje Miedeweg. At the second intersection, turn right onto Ridderweg. This will lead you to the Ameland cheese- and icecream farm, where you can buy a great variety of cheeses and ice cream in different kinds and flavours. You're allowed to taste.

Continue on the Ridderweg to Hollum. In Hollum you can take a tour of the wheat- and mustard mill "De Verwachting". You can also choose to taste a wide variety of mustard flavours. The mill's store offers a large assortment of mustard, (pancake)flour, cookies, and jams for sale.

Take the bicycle track through the dunes back to Buren, along Ballum and Nes, (about 13 km).  At the Buren beach, turn right towards Buren village.  In the centre of the village , turn left onto the Kooiweg, at the end of which you will find trout basins and catfish farm meervalkwekerij Metz. Various home grown fish products are for sale in the shop.

Cycle back to Buren village and pop by Sausage making Dennis Ytsma, who takes pride in his prize winning sausages made according to traditional methods.

Follow the signs to Nes (centre) and if you like to plan ahead for dinner, select the best potatoes from Ameland soil at De Suihoek on the Reeweg.  Then head to bakery De Jong for homemade rye bread, flat cookies and Ameland 'duumkes'.

Those who have time left can grab some fish or oysters fresh from the Waddensea at fish shop/restaurant  Vishandel Metz (Reeweg).

Before you set off on this trip, check the opening hours of all participating companies on

Have a tasty trip!

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