Agriculture-Beachcomber museum Swartwoude - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Agriculture-Beachcomber museum Swartwoude

It seems romantic, but in fact it was a struggle for existence; the life of farmers on the Ameland of the past. 

Roaming through the unique world of yesteryear, visitors encounter the customs and traditions of Ameland culture.

After extensive refurbishment, the museum has undergone a complete transformation. It has also gained another craft!

In the museum a dozen wool machines are on display, which transform the wool from Ameland sheep into sustainable endproducts. Organic wool products are for sale in the renovated shop.

The beachcombers' collection is now on display both in the beachcombers' barn and outside.

Dogs are allowed on the ground floor provided they are leashed.

Please note that walking between the wool machines is not permitted.


Agriculture-Beachcomber museum Swartwoude

Hoofdweg 1
9164 KL, Buren

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