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Wine tasting Wines of Egbert

A wine tasting is fun and educational, where wine tasting and wine are the focus.

The unique wine tastings take place in the wine shop of Wijnen van Egbert in Hollum. Wine tastings with a limited number of places at the tasting table in the wine shop, the finest wines and the most delectable snacks from Amelander soil, bring people together in a cosy and intimate setting.

Wijnen van Egbert organises two types of wine tastings:

'Pearl of Ameland' wine tasting:
The 'Pearl of Ameland' wines are wines which Wines from Egbert imports specially from Italy and which perfectly suit the island life. Taste these four unique wines during a tasting and learn more about the origin and origins of the 'Pearl of Ameland'. During the tasting, a bites plate will be served with Amelander regional products. 

Wine tasting:
The evening is a tasty discovery, as no fewer than seven different wines are on the programme. Each wine tells its own story, reveals its unique character and takes participants on a journey through different flavours and aromas.

But it is not just the wines that attract attention. The small snacks served have been carefully crafted by Wad'n Keuken, think fresh fish appetisers, Amelander cheese and other culinary creations that perfectly complement the wines.

Check the activity programme to see if there is a tasting planned during your stay or drop by VVV Ameland.

Tickets are on sale at VVV Ameland. You can reserve tickets online using the blue buttons. It is not possible to reserve tickets by telephone.

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