Cycling on Ameland - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Cycling on Ameland

When you travel by bicycle, you pass the most beautiful locations on the island. Map out an amazing route along the Wadden Sea dike, through the forest, the dunes and the picturesque villages.

Cycle up to the lighthouse or to nature reserve 't Oerd and enjoy the magnificent views and surroundings along the way. If you have a puncture or otherwise break down en route, a bicycle pump is never far away, or simply call one of the bicycle rental companies for assistance.

Cycling package

Escape the crowds and explore Ameland with our cycling package. Discover the natural beauty of the island as you cycle along dune paths, along the Wadden Sea and through picturesque villages. Enjoy the fresh air, wide views and relaxed atmosphere. 

Renting bicycles on Ameland

Whether you're looking for an electric bike, tandem, pillion bike, low-entry bike, scooter or cargo bike: on Ameland, you can rent it all.

Every village on Ameland has a bike rental, so whether you are staying in Hollum, Ballum, Nes or Buren, there is always a bike rental company nearby! And would you like it to be really easy? Then have your bikes delivered to your holiday accommodation or book your bike in advance and pick it up within walking distance of the ferry! It couldn't be easier!
The bike rental company takes care of the luggage transport to your accommodation and the great enjoyment on Ameland can start right from the ferry!

Bike rental companies on Ameland

Aldok Bicycle company - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Aldok Bicycle company

Aldok specialises in bicycle rental in Hollum and has around 600 rentable two-wheelers. More info

Bike rental Kiewiet - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Bike rental Kiewiet

With no fewer than three branches in Nes (including one within walking distance of the boat), bike rental Kiewiet is the place to rent a bike on Ameland.  More info

Bike rental Metz - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Bike rental Metz

With the wide range of bicycle rental Metz in Buren, there is an opportunity for everyone to explore Ameland. More info

Bike rental Nobel - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Bike rental Nobel

Fietsverhuur Nobel has branches in Nes, Hollum, Ballum and a service point in Buren, so you can be sure of service in all villages.  More info

Garage- and bicycle company Visser - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Garage- and bicycle company Visser

With a wide range of rental bikes. We are located in Hollum and deliver the reserved bikes to the holiday accommodation free of charge  More info

Kickbike Ameland - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Kickbike Ameland

Would you like to explore Ameland in a cool and unique way? The 100% electric scooter will take you on the most beautiful tours of Ameland. More info

Cycle & experience Ameland

Cycling routes and maps - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Cycling routes & maps

Discover Ameland with various cycling routes and accompanying hiking trails!
Of course, supplemented with information on everything you will encounter along the way.

In our (dutch) webshop and in our shops on Ameland, you will find fun cycling routes and a beautiful topographical map of Ameland. 

To the dutch webshop

Electric bike charging points  - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Charging points

Are you just enjoying cycling on your (rented) E-bike, your battery is almost dead! Fortunately, you can go to the companies below to recharge your bike:

* Only possible for removable batteries and during opening hours.

Amelands Produkt cycle route - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Amelands Produkt

Ameland has plenty of pure homegrown products. Curious about which local specialities are all there?
You will discover them all with the Amelands Produkt cycle route!

Prefer to enjoy Amelands Product for several days? Book our Amelands Produkt arrangement!

View package

Go cycling....

Cycling with children on Ameland - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

With children

Cycling with the kids? Then hire a children's tandem or cargo bike, fun guaranteed! Bike rental companies

How many kilometres of cycle path on Ameland- Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

On 100km of bike path

How many kilometres of bike lane! Yes, you read it right! Although the island is only 27 kilometres long, we have a whopping 100 kilometres of bike path! Explore the paths (Dutch website)

Bicycle shop on Ameland - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Bicycle shop on Ameland

Having trouble with your own bike or looking for a new bike, bike parts or bike accessories? Then take a look at this shop

Special bicycles- Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Special bicycles

You can also enjoy the beauty of Ameland with a physical disability. For example, hire a wheelchair plateau bike or a duo bike More info

Bring your own bike to Ameland - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

With your own bike

On Ameland, there is plenty of opportunity to rent a bike. Would you rather take your own bike? Then don't forget to reserve a seat on the boat. By boat

Mountain bike routes - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Mountain bike routes

Ameland has no specific MTB routes, but of course you can use the beaten tracks... or join MTB Ameland!  More about MTB Ameland

Ameland with your dog - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

With dog

On Ameland, there are dog carts and bike baskets for rent in which you can easily take your dog along on your bike ride.  With your dog to Ameland

Our tips:


Due to rainfall, some cycling and walking paths on Ameland have flooded. In some places, the water level is too high to pass. Check the map for an overview of the closed cycle paths on Ameland.

Ameland, the ideal holiday destination.

In short, Ameland is the perfect vacation spot for anyone who loves being active in nature, relaxing on beautiful beaches, and exploring charming villages. Whether you want to cycle through the dunes, walk along the beach, or simply enjoy the serene beauty of the island, Ameland has everything you're looking for. Book a holiday now on this unique Wadden Island and have an unforgettable experience!

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Booking through VVV Ameland

We offer you real Ameland quality for an irresistible price, cheap and basic or just a bit more luxury, all with nice extras, of course. But why should you book through VVV Ameland? 

Reserveren via VVV Ameland - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

One of the major advantages of booking through VVV Ameland is that you can benefit from our extensive knowledge of the island. Whether you're looking for the best accommodation, family-friendly activities, the most affordable packages, or the most beautiful spots to explore, we are ready to assist you. Additionally, you can rely on us to reserve tickets for excursions and find all the information you need about the island. This makes planning your Ameland vacation even easier and more enjoyable! We help you make the most out of your trip!

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