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Lost and found

Have you lost or found something on Ameland? Then see what you can do here!

You know the drill, after a lovely day at the beach or cycling around the island, you arrive back at your holiday home and what turns out? You've lost your sunglasses/keys/phone/bag! Very annoying and also inconvenient, because where did you leave them? Or where did you lose them? 

Although the island is only 27 kilometres long, it can still be difficult to find something again!
Fortunately, there are a number of places online where you can easily report your lost property:

Lost and found - Facebook - VVV Ameland


These include the Facebook group ‘Gevonden en verloren voorwerpen op Ameland' (Lost and found on Ameland). 

This is a public Facebook group where anyone can report what has been found or lost on the island. With over 2,000 members, it increases the chances of finding your object or finding the owner of what you have found.

Facebook group "Verloren of gevonden op Ameland"

Lost and found - Municipality of Ameland - VVV Ameland

Municipality of Ameland

You can also report lost or found items to the municipality of Ameland.

On the website www.verlorenofgevonden.nl, you can consult all found objects and register an object as lost or found yourself.
More information can be obtained from the Municipality of Ameland.

Verloren of gevonden.nl

Lost identity documents and situations where theft is suspected should be reported to the police.

Hopefully, you will soon find what you lost so you can enjoy your holiday on Ameland again!

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