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About the movie

The movie Penny's Shadow is about friendship between people and horses and is now being recorded on the beautiful Wadden island Ameland. Everybody who loves horses will recognize himself in the blind love that the girl Lisa feels for the black stallion Shadow, and the fear to lose your most precious possession.

Short summary
The black stallion Shadow, in the movie the offspring of one of the dramatically deceased life horses of Ameland, lives in a stable on the camping farm of Kai and his father Erik. A horrible accident has made Shadow independable. Kai has another great love; he loves kitesurfing.

The sixteen year old Lisa has a special bond with horses. Together with her younger sister Tess and their mother they spend their holiday on a camping farm on Ameland. Tess also brings her stubborn Shetland Pony Rakker. Lisa immediately feels attracted to Shadow. She knows for sure that she can return the beautiful horse its confidence in people. But Kai doesn't want anything to do with that. Secretly she continues her mission.

Here you will find the trailor (in Dutch) of the movie and the premier of the movie on the island Ameland.

The movie Penny's Shadow is now for sale on DVD! The script is written by Lars Boom suggested by horse magazine Penny. Steven de Jong is the director of the movie.


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