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Enjoy everything that Ameland has to offer together with colleagues, family, or friends. Nature, culture, sports activities, creative workshops, wellness, and beach or water activities? That is all possible, since you will be able to stay on Ameland from morning until evening as a result of our regular ferry connection. It is also possible to choose your times by using a chartered boat which we can arrange for you. Please contact VVV Ameland and we will put together a fun programme for you!

There is always something to do
On Ameland you can experience many fun, active and interesting activities. Here is a sample of options:

  • Excursion on the mudflats
  • Yoga
  • Beach sailing
  • Hexathlon on the beach (e.g. kayaking, beach golf, building a raft)
  • Mountainbiking
  • Parachute jumping
  • Boat trip on the Wadden sea to the seal sandbank
  • Covered wagon tour
  • Beach tour with the "Strandexpress"
  • Golf
  • Bonfire on the beach
  • Powerboating
  • Nature excursions
  • Sailing
  • Surf Rafting
  • Climbing the 59-meter-tall lighthouse
  • Kite flying

In addition to programmes for day outings, possibilities exist for multi-day packages and/or packages for business meeting purposes. Contact us in advance, and we will be able to prepare a fitting one-day or multi-day programme for you.

Please find more options and examples of programmes on our Dutch website.



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