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Activities and events

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you visit the lighthouse on Ameland?

Yes, the lighthouse is open to visitors.

Look here for more information, the opening hours and the prices.


Is there an Ameland day package?

Yes, there are various day packages, click here for more information in Dutch.



Is there a minitiature golf course on Ameland?

Yes, you can play minitiature golf on Ameland. Look here for more information.

Do you need a permit to build a camp fire?

To organise a camp fire on Ameland you need a permit from the town of Ameland. As a result of the increasingly dry summer periods, environmental considerations, and safety standards, it no longer possible to request a permit to build a campfire anywhere on Ameland.

Would you still like to organise a camp fire? Please contact evenementenbureau Ameland Actief, since they have an annual permit from the town of Ameland and are allowed to build camp fires.

Can I come to Ameland with my own horse?

If you wish to bring your own horse to Ameland, you will have to arrange a place on the ferry for the transport to Ameland. You can do this online or by phone at Wagenborg Passenger service via: 0031 88 103 1000. If you call from the Netherlands you can reach Wagenborg Passenger service on 0900 9238.

Click here for more information on horse stables on Ameland.


Is my car allowed on the beach?

No, this is only allowed for licence-holders.



Is kite buggy / beach sailing allowed on Ameland?

Yes, at certain places kite buggying / beach saling is allowed:


The 'college van B&W' points out the following areas where kitebuggying and beach sailing is allowed:

  • the north sea area between beach poles 8.200 and 11.300
  • the north sea area between beach poles 3 and 4

Source: Municipality of Ameland

Is (kite)surfing allowed on Ameland?

The 'college van B&W' points out the following areas where kitesurfing is allowed::

  • the north sea area between beach poles 17.400 and 19
  • the north sea area between beach poles 8.200 and 11.300
  • the north sea area between beach poles 3 and 4

For more information, check the Dutch website of the municipality of Ameland

Where can I buy bait and worms for (sea)fishing?

You can buy bait and worms at:

Trout Fisching Pound Ameland
Koeveldsweg 29164XT


Where can I play tennis on Ameland?

Click here for information about where you can play tennis on Ameland. 



Where am I allowed to fish on Ameland?

On Ameland you can go fishing without fishing license at the Wadden Sea and the beach of the North Sea.

For recreational area De Vleyen in Nes (behind the Nature centre) you need a permit of the Nature centre, Strandweg 38, Nes. Tel.number 0519-542737.

For fishing in other water, you will need a fiching pass.

Where can I find information about mudflat hiking?

On Ameland you will find various organised excursions, such as wadexcursions. Visit Tourist information VVV Ameland for more information on and booking of wadexcursions on Ameland.

Should you wish more information on crossing the mudflats from the mainland to Ameland, please contact one of the mudflat hiking centres, such as "Wadloopcentrum Fryslân" and "Wadlopen Pieterburen" .

When are the demonstrations of the horse-driven life boat?

Click here for the data of the launching of the horse-driven life boat.

Is there a cinema on Ameland?

There is no cinema on Ameland.

What is there to do during my stay on Ameland?

Have a look at our calendar or give us a call to find out wich activities take place during your stay. You can also visit one of the Tourist Offices during your stay for a complete week programme.

Which events will take place on Ameland?

Click here for an overview of all events on the island Ameland.

Are there expositions on Ameland?

You can find all expositions in our Dutch activity- and events calendar.

Are there special bridle paths on Ameland?

In all forests on Ameland are bridle paths. These are pointed out by signs ('ruiterroute').

Are there mountainbike tracks on Ameland?

Unfortunately there are no tracks on Ameland that are specific for mountainbikers. Of course you can ride your mountainbike on one of the many cycle tracks on Ameland. 

A booklet with cycling tracks and a topographical map of Ameland with all cycle tracks is available at the Tourist Office. 

Once a year a MTB event on Ameland is organized. More information about MTB Ameland.

Where can I find information if I want to come to Ameland for one day?

Click here for the day packages (in Dutch) of Touist Office Ameland.



Where can I find information about renting a boat?

It is possible to rent a flatboat on Ameland and sail it yourself. And you can rent a boat for a group excursion, for example. Click here for more information.

Where can I find information about seal expeditions?

Click here for more information about seal expeditions.

Where can I find information about horse riding?

There are a couple of stables on Ameland. You can come here for making a (outdoor) ride. Individually or as a group.

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