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Frequently asked questions about pets - Tourist Information Centre VVV Ameland.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed on the beach with my dog?

Yes, dogs are allowed on the beach. At the monitored sections next to the beach crossings and the "groene strand" (the so-called "green beach") near Ballum dogs need to be on a lead. On the remaining sections of the beach dogs do not need to be leashed, but are expected to be under command.

Can my dog run free on Ameland?

Dogs are welcome to run free (under command) on the Ameland beaches (other than the "groene strand" near Ballum and the bathing beaches, here dogs need to be on a lead). In addition, 3 further run-free zones for dogs have been designated on the island; at the "kwekerijbos" in Nes, adjacent to Roosdunen in Ballum, and next to Koudenburg in Hollum.

In the forests, dunes, grazing areas, villages, on the bathing beaches, and along the Wad, please keep your dog on a lead.

Dogs are not allowed in playground areas and playing fields for children. This does not apply to guide dogs.

Please click here for the information leaflet about walking with dogs in nature areas on Ameland.

Is there a dog pension on Ameland?

There is no dog pension or pound on Ameland where you can temporarily bring your pet.



Is there a veterinarian on Ameland?

There is a veterinarian in the village Nes.
See here for more information.

What (not) to do when you find a seal

Have you found a seal lying on the beach? Please do not approach it, but keep your distance. A seal on the beach is often merely resting. If humans come too close to the seal, it will create a lot of stress for the animal. It should also be noted that seals are predators. They have sharp teeth and can make unexpected moves.

Should you see a seal pup on the beach, please keep good distance. A pup alone on the beach may look sad, but this is not so. 

If you suspect that a seal is injured, please call the animal ambulance, telephone number +31 6 2276 7470, and report the location of the seal (i.e. village beach crossing, number of the nearest beach pole). In such a case, please also refrain from approaching because this causes the sick animal extra stress.

From time to time a dead seal is found on the beach. Should this be the case, please contact the Town of Ameland, telephone number +31 519-555555. They will remove the animal from the beach.

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