Ameland with your dog - Touritst Information

Ameland with your dog

Ameland is ideally suited holiday for a holiday with your dog! Taking a vacation with your pet? Of course Ameland is a perfect option! Because what can beat taking endless beach walks with your dog?

To Ameland

If you leave for Ameland, you travel from Holwerd with one of the ferries operated by Wagenborg Passenger Services. There are various options:

Regular ferry
The crossing with the regular ferry takes approximately 50 minutes. On board you may bring a dog. You will need to buy a ticket for yourself and the dog. This can be done easily online or at the ticket machine in the terminal. In doing so, you book a date and time for the outward and return journey. You can easily change or cancel the tickets online up to 1 hour before departure. Would you like to take your car to Ameland? Don't forget to reserve your spot on the ferry too.

Fostaborg (fast ferry)
With the Fostaborg (fast ferry) you will make the crossing in 20 minutes. The Fostaborg also allows dogs. Passengers need to purchase an extra ticket (in addition to the standard ticket for the regular ferry), no extra tickets for the Fostaborg are needed for dogs, though a ticket for the dog for the regular ferry will be required.

Transport on Ameland - with dog - Touritst Information

Transport on Ameland

Of course you may take your own car/bicycle/trailer to Ameland, but in the absence of those, you will have various options to get to your accommodation from the ferry terminal.

On arrival of the regular ferry, an Arriva bus will be waiting for its passengers at the terminal. Small pets in a carrier bag or basket huisdieren can travel free of charge. Dogs need to be kept on a short leash and can travel at the reduced/child rate.

When the ferry docks, there will also be several taxi’s waiting at the terminal. Dogs will be welcome, at a fee, but may not be placed on the seats. 

Additionally, there are cars for rent. Upon request, a pet may travel with you in the rental car. For more information and/or costs, please contact one of the rental companies.

Cycling with your dog is also possible.

Cycling with dog- Touritst Information

Cycling with your dog

With a bike you will reach the most beautiful places of the island and what can be more fun than cycling with your dog?! At the bicycle rental companies on Ameland you may rent dog carts and dog baskets, allowing you to take your four-legged friend anywhere you go on the island.

Off-leash areas

Off-leash areas

Dogs are very welcome on Ameland! Since we with to protect our nature on Ameland, there will be a number of rules. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times on Ameland, and this also applies to part of the beaches.

Dogs must be kept on a leash on the Green Beach near Ballum and on the beach crossings with the bathing beaches. On the other beaches, dogs are allowed to run free under supervision.

Other than the beaches (excluding the beach crossings and the Green Beach) three further off-leash areas have been designated;

  • adjacent to vacation resort Koudenburg in Hollum
  • adjacent to camp ground Roosdunen in Ballum
  • at the forest area "Kwekerijbos" in Nes

In all other areas of the island (forests, dunes, along the wad, in the villages, in pastures etc) dogs always need to be on a leash. Would you like  more information about walking with dogs, or see where to find the off-leash areas on Ameland, please click on this information leaflet, take a look at the attached map, or visit our VVV Ameland shop, since we are here to help you.

Spending the night on Ameland

Whether you and your four-legged friend wish to come to Ameland for 1 night, a weekend, or longer, there will always be a suitable accommodation. From basic to luxurious, and anything inbetween. With our search & book menu, you can search for suitable accommodations very easily, allowing you and your pet to thoroughly enjoy all the beauty that Ameland has to offer.

If you do not yet have a specific date in mind but do wish to browse places to stay overnight with your dog? Click on these links below:

Enclosed garden
Would you prefer to stay in an accommodation with a fenced in garden for your dog? Use the search filter 'outside-> enclosed garden' and you will find out immediately which options there are.

See and do

See and do - with dog - Touritst Information

See and do

On Ameland, there is lots to see and do, but what are your options if you take your dog with you?

in the following museums, taking a dog with you is allowed, provided your pet is kept on a short leash.


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