Hiking on Ameland - Tourist Information

Hiking on Ameland

Walking is a splendid way to discover the island. Through salt marshes, along the Wadden Sea, through the village, heading towards the dunes and the beach. And because the nature on Ameland is so diverse, each season has its own charm.

Walking Package
Whether you go alone, with children, with a friend, or with your dog; walking on Ameland is always a great idea! The island boasts numerous hiking trails and routes that lead you through dunes, forests, and picturesque villages. With a Walking Package, you explore the island at your own pace while enjoying the fresh sea air and the impressive landscape. On Ameland, you will never be bored!

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Forester speaking

"Experiencing nature happens outdoors!

Experiencing nature can take various forms. Some do it by watching nature documentaries on TV or in the cinema, while others find their backyard beautiful enough. But as a forester, I can confidently say that you truly immerse yourself in nature when you live it. With your shoes in the mud or your bare feet in the sand or grass. Feeling the wind and sun on your skin, that's what makes it real. It happens outside! On Ameland, nature is just around the corner. Just outside the villages, you find yourself quickly surrounded by nature. There are many beautiful hiking paths and routes on Ameland, but one of my favorites is the yellow hiking route in the Lange Duinen Noord. A stop at the birdwatching hut is recommended.

Gazing over the water pond
Around the water pond at Lange Duinen Noord, it's delightful to spend time in the spring. Birds are making their presence known again, singing their most beautiful melodies to impress their partners. The reed collar around the pond changes from a brownish-gray edge to a rim with a fresh green color in this period. There is so much to see and hear that it's definitely worth standing still for a while. An excellent place to do this is the birdwatching hut next to the pond along the Finnegatspad.

Bustle around the pond
The activity around the pond increases as the season progresses. Initially, some geese and ducks, later the number of bird species grows. In that respect, birds can indeed be compared to Ameland's visitors. As conditions improve, the number also increases. So apparently, Ameland is a top location! In the beginning, the vegetation doesn't provide enough shelter, and the birds are extra visible. But as soon as the green comes through, the birds seem to disappear. But nothing could be further from the truth. On the pond, they show off before taking their partner to the shelter of the greenery, where they work on their future. Because they don't tolerate onlookers there. Although some do it more conspicuously than others.

Unique appearance
In addition to being visible, the sounds also betray the birds. The mysterious "hoempen" of the bittern is one of the most striking sounds. By the end of March, the first hoemp sounds can be heard, as if someone is blowing into an empty beer bottle. You're a skilled birdwatcher if you spot the animal. Its plumage is actually adorned with a projection of a reed collar, yellow-brown with black and whitish stripes. The bittern is heard more often than seen, and when it does appear, it's a unique sight. It seems like the proportions are off. With a long, sharp beak, a long, thick neck, a fairly large body, and a pair of long stilts underneath, the animal has a size of about 75 cm, so it's not a small one.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the route is difficult to navigate due to the amount of water on the paths. But when it dries up, it is indeed a top location where, in the spring, birds like cormorants, geese, spoonbills, reed warblers, and bluethroats are buzzing. You feel and experience the elements of nature, live the beautiful transition from wetter dune valleys to the dunes and the Green Beach. Nature gets more colorful as the season progresses, irises, thistles, and orchids then shine along the paths. A paradise for nature and bird enthusiasts."

Marjan Veenendaal, Forester at Staatsbosbeheer Ameland, February 2024

Marjan Veenendaal, Boswachter Staatsbosbeheer Ameland


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Hiking routes and maps - Tourist Information

Hiking routes & maps

Following well-thought-out hiking trails, you stroll along the most beautiful spots of the island.

In our webshop and in our stores on Ameland, you'll find enjoyable hiking routes and a detailed topographic map of Ameland. Published by VVV Ameland and Staatsbosbeheer, among others.

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Hiking events - Tourist Information

Hiking events

The beautiful and often challenging nature on Ameland, combined with atmospheric start/finish locations in one of the villages, makes Ameland highly suitable for hiking events. Each year, enjoyable hiking events are organized, such as:

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Dog lovers -  Tourist Information

Dog lovers

Celebrating holidays with your dog? You do that, of course, on Ameland! Because what could be more enjoyable than taking endless beach walks with your dog?

Do you want to know where your dog should be on a leash and where not? We have listed the options for you.

Off-leash areas

Our hiking tips

Krumeltjesspoor - Tourist Information


The Ballum forest is alive! Venture out with your entire family to discover the inhabitants of the Ballum forest. The "Krûmeltjesspoor" (Crumb Trail) is designed with the aim of making the forest appealing to young children. The route is approximately 2 kilometers. Will you join the walk?

Oerd and Hôn - Tourist Information

Oerd and Hôn

The Oerd and De Hôn are two beautiful nature reserves on the eastern part of Ameland. You can walk around for hours, enjoying the unspoiled nature that characterizes the Wadden Sea island of Ameland. More about the Oerd and the Hôn

Walk on the floor of the Wadden sea - Tourist Information

Walk on the floor of the Wadden sea

How special is it to walk on the bottom of the Wadden Sea! Book one of the mudflat excursions to learn about the unique area and enjoy the expansive and extraordinary views. Mudflat excursions

Treasure hunt - Tourist Information

Treasure Hunts

If you want to discover the island on your own or with your own group of friends, family, or colleagues at your convenience, then choose a fun treasure hunt!

Topographic map - Tourist Information

Topographic map

The entire island mapped out. Walking paths, cycling routes, nature reserves, and more... you'll find it all on our topographic map. A must-have when exploring Ameland! Get the map at one of our stores or quickly order it from our (Dutch) online store.

GPS Tours - Tourist Information

GPS Tours

Take a stroll around the island with an enjoyable GPS tour. Explore the island while having the freedom to set your own pace. Venture out and go on an adventure! Explore the possibilities.

Ameland, the ideal holiday destination
Ameland is the perfect holiday destination for those who love being active in nature, relaxing on beautiful beaches, and exploring charming villages. Whether you want to hike through the dunes, along the beach, or simply enjoy the serene beauty of the island, Ameland has everything you're looking for. Book a stay on this unique Wadden Sea island now and have an unforgettable experience!

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We offer you genuine Ameland quality at an irresistible price, whether it's affordable and basic or a bit more luxurious, all with delightful extras. But why should you specifically book through VVV Ameland?

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One of the major advantages of booking through VVV Ameland is that you can benefit from our extensive knowledge of the island. Whether you're looking for the best accommodation, family-friendly activities, the most affordable packages, or the most beautiful spots to explore, we are ready to assist you. Additionally, you can rely on us to reserve tickets for excursions and find all the information you need about the island. This makes planning your Ameland vacation even easier and more enjoyable! We help you make the most out of your trip!

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