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Nature Centre - Tourist Information “VVV” Ameland

Nature Centre

In the Nature Centre visitors spectacularly meet nature and the island's fascinating natural processes, by means of special and innovative methods of presentation.

In addition to various small aquaria, there is a large aquarium where presentations take place at fixed times. From the observation deck of the Centre's tower, you will  be able to view the mudflats as well as the North Sea. Here you will both experience and receive an explanation of the island's specific elements. 

The Nature Centre also offers a "barefoot path", a fun experience for all ages. 

The Nature Centre is wheelchair accessible. A wheelchair is available for use by visitors. However, it is not possible to reserve it. The observation tower has an elevator, which is also wheelchair accessible.

The nature centre is currently closed due to current corona measures. 


  • Adults € 7,25 p.p.
  • Children (5 -12 years old) € 5,25 p.p.

Nature Centre

Strandweg 38
9163 GN, Nes

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