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Goodmorning Ameland

The beach: the perfect place for an amazing yoga experience. Discover the perfect mix of effort, relaxation, and breathing during the yoga and meditation activities, provided by Goodmorning Ameland, better known as Tess.

As a certified yoga instructor and passionate surfer, she brings her unique experience and lightness to summer beach yoga sessions on Ameland.

At Goodmorning Ameland, you can attend individual classes, request group sessions, and also participate in mini-retreats (morning workshops). Tess offers 'goodmorning' yoga flows, parent-child yoga, as well as yin yoga & yoga nidra. Start or end your summer day with a delightful yoga session, exactly what you need during your vacation or weekend getaway on Ameland!

With Tess, you can expect light Vinyasa-inspired sessions with exercises that build strength and maintain flexibility, without too much esotericism or overly complicated poses. Whether you're an experienced yogi, stepping onto the mat for the first time, or somewhere in between, you are warmly welcome to participate. Even if you're part of the male audience, not particularly fond of yoga (yet), or not particularly flexible - you will effortlessly be carried along in the flow.

The yoga sessions with Tess are a fun and accessible way to discover the power of yoga and meditation during your stay! And where better to do this than on the beautiful beach of Ameland!

Visit our website for more information, or follow Tess on Instagram.

Attention: yoga classes are offered in Dutch and English

Goodmorning Ameland

Classes and workshops take place at various locations on the island, mainly the Ameland beach.

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