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Energy and Water Lab

During the holiday periods, visitors can regularly participate in the energy and water lab in the practical room of the Ameland Nature Cente

During the energy and water lab, all kinds of experiments will be carried out under expert supervision that demonstrate the power of water and participants will experiment with static energy themselves.

The participants experience an hour full of wonder and discoveries. The ohhhs and ahhs can be heard often and frequently; an experience for young and old.

We are introduced to fresh and salt water gradients, we get to work with water and air, we make our own tornado and we exert the power of static energy on aluminum, balloons and your own hair!

The energy and water lab is recommended for the age group 8-15 years.

Participation in the activity is only possible in combination with a visit to the Nature Center. The ticket price includes this visit.

Please take a look at the activities schedule to see if a Energy and Water Lab is planned during your stay, or visit tourist office VVV Ameland.

Tickets are for sale at VVV Ameland, among others. Reserving online or by telephone is not possible at VVV Ameland.

Energy and Water Lab

Strandweg 38
9163 GN, Nes

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