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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Tourist Office?

The Tourist Office is located near the roundabout of Nes. As soon as you come off the ferry, you will find the Tourist Office on your right hand, before the roundabout of Nes. At the O.P. Lapstraat 6 in Hollum (in DA drugstore & perfumery De Markthal) is a Tourist Office/PostNL Servicepoint.

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What is the address of Tourist Office Ameland?

VVV Ameland Bureweg 2 9163 KE NesTel. 0031 (0)519 546 546 Fax. 0031 (0)519 546 547E-mail:

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What are the opening hours of the Tourist Office?

On Ameland there are 2 branches of the Tourist Office, 1 in Nes and 1 in Hollum. Curious to find out about opening hours of the Tourist Offices on Ameland? Click here for our opening hours.

Are there job vacancies at Tourist Office Ameland?

Currently there are no job vacancies at Tourist Office Ameland.

Are there supermarkets on Ameland?

Click here for an overview of the supermarkets on Ameland.

Where can I find more information about companies on Ameland?

Click here for more information about companies on Ameland.

Is there a public swimming pool on Ameland?

On park Roosdunen in Ballum is outdoor swimming pool de Schalken. The swimming pool is open from the beginning of May up to the beginning of September.

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Is there a public toilet on Ameland

You can find a public toilet in the village Nes and in recreational area Vleyen. There is also a public toilet at the Verdekspad in Nes.

Can I temporarily store my luggage somewhere?

You can temporarily store you luggage at taxi company Cosi-Tax.

You can reach them by phone via +0031 (0)519 54 32 00

How high is the tourist tax?

The tourist tax for 2024 has been set by the municipality of Ameland at €2,00 per person per day.


Can I pay with € 200 and € 500 notes on Ameland?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to pay with € 200 and € 500 notes on Ameland. 




Where can I use a VVV Cadeaubon (Gift card)?

On Ameland, you can spend the 'VVV Cadeaukaart' and the 'VVV Cadeaubon' at Tourist Information Centre VVV Ameland. 

You can find information about the gift card and where to spend it here.

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