Hiking event Tussen Slik en Zand - Tourist Information

Hiking event Tussen Slik en Zand

The hiking event 'Tussen Slik en Zand" will take place on Saturday. Hiking on Ameland between Wad and North sea with various itineraries of 11, 18 and 25 km. The start and finish of the tour is in the pleasant village of Nes. 

“There is a place where heaven and earth share the stage”
During this day, you can be part of the Wadden World Heritage site as a hiker. Experience and enjoy this extraordinary nature area. It is not without reason that UNESCO added it as a World Heritage Site. The itineraries will take you along roads, paths and trails, via the edge of the mudflat, through villages, forest, dunes and along the beach to let you finish in the cozy centre of Nes. Make the crossing for a day or weekend and experience the pristine nature of this Wadden island.

All participants will receive a special itinerary booklet which explains the hiking tour and provides information about the special nature and cultural values encountered along the way. The Wadden area: young and authentic, amazingly dynamic and uncommonly varied.

Dates and times are subject to change.

Photographs: Anja Brouwer

Hiking event Tussen Slik en Zand

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