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Restaurant 't Koaikershuus

Restaurant 't Koaikers Huus is uniquely located next to 'de Nassaukooi' on one of the most beautiful spots of Ameland. 

For centuries the kooiker families used to live at this place. Nowadays it is a cosy restaurant with the silence of nature and a beautiful view at the duck decoy and 'Kooikersdunen'.

Wedding location
't Koaikers Huus is an authentic Ameland farm and is perfect to celebrate this special day. For intimate, small weddings, as well as big weddings it is very suitable. 't Koaikers Huus has two terraces and a veranda. One of the terraces can be covered.

We cater for your lunch, reception and party at night. We can cater this day completely for you. This day you can make use of 't Koaikers Huus exclusively. 

Charging points
Are you staying on Ameland and do you want to charge you bike or car? That is also possible at 't Koaikershuus!

Restaurant 't Koaikershuus

Kooiplaats 6
9164 KN , Buren

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