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"De Ouwe Stee", Old-Dutch sweets and tea

"De Ouwe Stee", a cosy little shop in Ballum on Waddenisland Ameland, with a wide selection of old-Dutch sweets and types of tea from "Thee aan Zee".
Possibly the smallest shop on Ameland, appealing, cosy, and filled with delicious treats. 
This is where you can show your kids what shops back in the day looked like, and to let them experience how they used to do things.

Paper bags in which the chosen candy is weighed on old-fashioned scales, how much fun is it to show that!

We have approximately 80 types of old-Dutch sweets, making those little eyes light up.

"Thee aan Zee" is our brand for a wide variety of tea.

We stock some 75 types of tea, true candy for the tea lovers.

In the summer we have various types of fresh mint and herbs with which you can brew delicious cups of tea.  

In the future you will also be able to taste tea in our small-scale tea tasting area.

Also for the non-tea enthusiasts a visit to our shop 'De Oude Stee' is truly worth it.
Bring back a fun tea or candy present for yourself or for those who stayed at home, for example the neighbours who watered your plants, or took care of the cats. Shipping goods is also possible.

The shop can be found in a centuries-old listed farm on a beautiful location on the edge of the picturesque historic village of Ballum.

Type the following coordinates 53.4458728, 5.6901017 or Nesserweg 1  in Google maps, select “route”, and you will be guided to “De Ouwe Stee". 

See you soon at "De Ouwe Stee"

De Ouwe Stee

Nesserweg 1
9162 ES, Ballum

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