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Charging stations for electric car

Going on holiday with an electric car requires a little more forethought than with a traditional car.

On Ameland, cars are allowed. Besides making a reservation for the boat, if you travel with an electric car, it is convenient to know where you can charge your car.

There are several charging stations on Ameland, in three of the four village. We have listed them for you here:

  • Hollum
    • Jan Jacobsweg 6, car park
    • Fabrieksweg 28, at "Faber Wijnberg Installatietechniek"
  • Ballum
    • Strandweg 2, car park
  • Nes
    • Bureweg 2, car park at Tourist Information "VVV" Ameland
    • Verdekspad 9, car park
    • Strandweg 51, car park Landal Ameland State

There are no fast charging stations on Ameland.

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