To and from Ameland- Tourist Informatiom

To and from Ameland

Ameland is easily reachable for everyone, wherever you come from and whichever method of transport you choose.

The ferry to Ameland departs from Holwert (Holwerd)*, a small village in the municipality of Noardeast-Fryslan. 

If you travel by train or bus, travel to Leeuwarden station. From here, take bus 66 to the ferry harbour in Holwert (Holwerd) (exit stop "Veerdam, Holwert").

If you travel by public transport to Ameland, you can very easily plan your journey through these websites

The options to buy a ticket are:

  • Travel with yor OV-chipkaart (public transport chipcard)
  • Travelling with your debit or credit card (check in and out like an OV-chip card)
  • Buy an e-ticket (printed or on your phone) via or via the Arriva app
  • Buy a ticket at one of the OV Service Points (e.g. possible in Leeuwarden)
  • Buy a ticket at the bus driver which can only be paid with pin

* From January 1, 2023, Holwert is officially spelled with a 't' and no longer with a 'd'.

Station Leeuwarden

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