Bus transport - VVV Ameland

Bus transport

If you are in a wheelchair or have difficulty walking, even then you can easily use the bus on Ameland.

Various stops on the island have visual and/or motor adjustments, to ensure people with limited mobility can easily board and exit the bus. Below you will find these special stops on the island that will make getting on and off the bus easy for you:

  • Buren, bus stop Kiekduun/Klein Vaarwater on the Strandweg
  • Nes, bus stop Strand (Beach) Nes/Duinoord on the Strandweg
  • Nes, bus stop Veerhaven (Ferry)
  • Ballum, bus stop Gemeentehuis (Town Hall) on the Jelmeraweg
  • Hollum, bus stop De Stelp (nursing home) on the Hidde Dirks Katstraat
  • Hollum, bus stop Jeugdherberg (youth hostel) on the Oranjeweg 59

Bus transport

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