Boat trip to the seals & trawling


We first go to the seals and then we throw the net out to sea, and after a quarter of an hour we pick them up again. We empty the net on board the ship. The crew gives explanations about the catch. The catch: various small fish, crabs and starfish is put into our open aquariums/living tanks to be admired, touched and smelled! Afterwards, the catch goes back overboard alive.


Please come on time because, no, sorry, the tide won't wait either. Plan to be there 15 minutes in advance.

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The WL35 Brakzand is located in the harbor of Nes. You can park your bicycles or car on the ferry dam. The boat is on the left, in the bend at the (car) exit for the ferry.


Boat trip to the seals & trawling

Adult: € 22.50
Child 4 - 11 years: € 15.00
Child 2 - 3 years: € 5.00
Baby 0-1 years: € 0.00

  • 1 - 125 persons
  • Nes
  • Boattrips
  • All ages

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