Ticket sales conditions - VVV Ameland

If you buy tickets for an event or location via our website, for example for guided tours, museums, concerts, lectures, excursions, or workshops, the following applies in deviation from and in addition to our web shop conditions:

Buying tickets
Through our website, you can buy a ticket for access to an event or location directly from the ticket vendor. VVV Ameland fulfils an intermediary role and is not a party to that agreement. The webshop conditions and these additional conditions apply. If one (or more) overnight stays are included in the event, the General Booking Conditions apply.

Receiving tickets
After completion of the ordering process and payment on the website, you will receive the tickets for the date of your choice via e-mail.

Any inaccuracies in the details on the ticket must be reported immediately to VVV Ameland. VVV Ameland is not liable for any form of injury or damage as a result of incorrect information on the ticket or for injury to the participant(s) or third parties or damage to the property of the participant(s) or third parties, occurring before, during or after an activity, excursion or event, for which the ticket was obtained from or through VVV Ameland.

Upon presentation of your printed ticket, you will have access to the event or the location of the ticket vendor.

If the event is subject to certain conditions, such as a minimum number of participants or weather conditions, the organiser will inform you prior to the event whether the event will take place. If the event is cancelled, you will receive a voucher for participation or access to the event on another date or your money will be refunded.

Another one in your place?
Through our website you buy a ticket for a certain date of your choice. The ticket cannot be cancelled and there is no cooling-off period. However, you can always transfer the tickets to another person. That person will then take your place. The ticket seller will grant that person access to his event or location on presentation of the ticket.



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