Frequently asked questions about transport to and on Ameland- Tourist Information Centre VVV Ameland.

Does Ameland have charging stations for my electric car?

On Ameland you will find charging stations for electric cars at the following locations:


  • Jan Jacobsweg 6, parking lot
  • car park Fabrieksweg 28, at 'Faber Wijnberg Installatietechniek'


  • Strandweg 2, parking lot


  • Bureweg 2, car park VVV Ameland
  • Strandweg 38, Nature centre
  • Verdekspad 9, parking lot
  • Strandweg 51, car park at Landal Ameland State


  • Klein Vaarwaterweg 14, car park holiday resort Klein Vaarwater

There are no fast charging stations on Ameland.

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