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Group accommodation Kiewiet's Hoeve

Are you looking for an accommodation for a school trip, outing with friends, reunion, family gathering or a corporate outing? De Kiewiet’s Hoeve offers a suitable location, with plenty of space and peace and quiet!

The Kiewiet’s Hoeve is located at the edge of the village Nes opposite the forest. The accommodation can be found at 15 minutes walking distance from the beach, 25 minutes from the ferry and 5 minutes from the centre of the village Nes.

The Kiewiet's Hoeve consists of two accommodations; the Kiewiet's Hoeve and the Kiewiet's Nest. It is possible to rent both accommodations at the same time, allowing for a maximum of 80 guests.

Kiewiet's Hoeve
The exterior of the old characteristic farm was renovated in historic style but the interior was refurbished into a spacious, moedern group accommodation. The accommodation is suitable for groups of 30 to 60 guests.

The farm includes six bedroom/dorm rooms of varying sizes. In addition, there are three sanitary areas, equipped with showers, wash basins, and toilets.  In the adjacent building you will find the dining hall, the fully-equipped kitchen, and two bathrooms.  Next to the dining hall is the central recreating area, equipped with a table tennis table, a table soccer table, and a seating area.

Kiewiet's Nest
Are you planning to visit the island with a smaller group? The Kiewiet's Nest wil be your best option. This accommodation offers space to groups of up to 20 guests.

The Kiewiet's Nest has two floors. On the ground floor there is a cosy living room/kitchen. In the seating area you will find a television, DVD-player and radio/CD-player. The kitchen includes a 5-burner gas stove, oven, large fridge and a dishwasher. On the upper floor you will find a large bedroom with plenty space for luggage. In the sanitary area, located on the ground floor, there are three showers and two toilets.

The property of the Kiewiet's Hoeve, approx.5000 m², is surrounded by a row of trees. There is plenty space to sit and enjoy the sunshine, play volleyball, or kick a ball around. In addition to a soccer and volleyball field, there are swings, a table tennis table, and picnic tables.

The prices for the accommodations are dependent on the number of guests and the number of nights af. Please contact us for a quote.

Kiewiet's Hoeve

Ballumerweg 23
9163 GA, Nes

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