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Group hotel Suudwester

Well-adapted and equipped with all modern conveniences. Group hotel Suudwester is fully adapted to accommodate guests with limited mobility and senior guests.

It is suitable for 4 to 28 guests. The accommodation has comfortable seating areas, a sun room, a small bar and includes TV, stereo, dvd player with a home-cinema and adjustable lighting. The sun room offers a view of the dunes.

Group hotel Suudwester is located at the edge of Hollum,at walking distance from the centre and close to the beach and dunes.

Examples of adaptations for people with a disability which deserve some extra attention:

  • the Arjo Maximove patient lift
  • the plateau lift
  • the high/low bath with bath lift and hydro massage
  • the alarm indication installation
  • 7 high/low beds

Side rails are available and fit all beds. Use of special medical devices is possible. Should the device not be available, please contact Medipoint. Tel: 088-1020100. Website:

Extended holiday service
Your stay at group accommodation Suudwester will be on the basis of half board or full board with hotel service, which means that it also includes towels, bed linen, and cleaning servuce. The delicious meals are varied and traditionally and freshly prepared with much care, taking into account individual dietary wishes and restrictions. Unlimited coffee and tea are included in our prices. Behind the Suudwester you will find a comfortable patio and sun lawn.


Groepshotel Suudwester

Kerkpad 4
9161 AH, Hollum

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