SBB campsite De Middelpôlle - Tourist Information

Nature campsite Middelpôlle

Nestled between forest on one side and dunes on the other side you will find nature campsite Middelpôlle.

These spacious campground spots are nicely shielded by bushes and trees. That way you are sure to have your own private spot. Naturally there is also a large open general play area. The littlest ones will surely enjoy themselves in the sandbox. 

Nature campsite Middelpôlle is ideally located: between forest and dunes, a 10 minute walk from the beach and a 15 minute walk from the village, plus is it nearby dune reserve Hagendoornveld. During an excursion on the Wad or the beach, in the duck decoy, or through the forests and dunes, you will find out more about the special nature of the island. Obviously, there are also plenty hiking and bicycle routes available which allow you to discover the island yourself. If you are lucky, you will be able to witness a demonstration of the horse-drawn rescue boat launch. 

Nature campsite Middelpôlle is open from 26 April (subject to confirmation) to 7 October 2024. Reserve your spot to avoid disappointment. For a stay during July and August reservation is required.

Staying at Middelpôlle requires a "Natuurkampeerkaart"(Nature camping card). This card can be purchased  in the webshop of VVV Ameland and at Stichting Natuurkampeerterreinen as well as

Nature campsite Middelpôlle

9163 KM, Nes

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