Beach Express P.S. van Tuinen - Tourist Information

Beach Express P.S. van Tuinen

The first stop is on “’t Oerd”. After a short walk, the Ameland guide will explain the unique nature of this area.

This is an area which, twenty years ago, used to be an empty sandy surface with primary dunes, but after the construction of a drift dike it has become overgrown.

The salt marsh is crossed by tidal channels which penetrate the area from the Wadden Sea.

Then the Strandexpress moves along to the easternmost spot on the island, " de Hôn". Here you can disembark to search for sea shells or just enjoy the landscape and horizon.

If you are a visitor with reduced mobility, please inform us at the time of reservation.

Unfortunately, wheelchairs cannot be transported on the Strandexpress. Steps with a handrail can be used to access the Strandexpress.

Groups may also make a private reservation for the Strandexpress.

Please take a look at the activities schedule to see if a trip with the Beach Express is planned during your stay, or visit tourist office VVV Ameland.

Tickets are for sale at VVV Ameland. Please reserve online tickets using the blue button on the site. Reserving tickets by telephone is not possible at VVV Ameland.

Beach Express P.S. van Tuinen

Smitteweg 10
9162 EC, Ballum

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