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KiteSpot Ameland

Interested in learning to kite surf? We start with kiting skills on the beach, in a safe manner. This way you will be able to get yourself acquainted with the kite and the windforce.

Kite surfing lessons KiteSpot

Ready for the sea? During kite surfing lessons you learn to kite and surf. In other words, learning to fly a kite for on the water and cruising on a board.  Try and do that together! We have many years of teaching experience and work only with the best materials. Step by step we will get closer to the end goal.  Independent and safe kite surfing whilst thoroughly enjoying yourself.

Lessons are given to 2 participants at a time, which is ideal to us. Plenty of time for the kite but also to take a break every now and again to follow your fellow kiter's skills. Feel the kiting vibe yet? We certainly do!

KiteSpot Ameland

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