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Bike rental Kiewiet

Fietsverhuur Kiewiet, with no less than 3 locations, is the address for renting a bike on Ameland. One of our branches is located at the ferry landing: the ideal place to rent a bike right from the boat.

Bike rental Kiewiet offers luggage service for free. You rent the bikes and we bring your luggage to your accomodation for free. On your departure day we pick it up for you. It is also possible to deliver the bikes at your accomodation for free.  

In addition to our establishment at the veerdam (at the arrival of the ferries), we also have an establishment in the centre of Nes and one at Camping Duinoord in Nes. Look here for all our locations.

The desired bicycles can be reserved online.

We have a great selection of bikes, for example:

  • Bikes with gear
  • Bikes without gear
  • Tandems
  • Childrens tandems
  • Carrier cycles
  • Mountainbikes
  • Different kinds of childrens bikes
  • Electrical bikes
  • and so on

Groups can get discount and free transport of luggage.

Bike rental Kiewiet

Oude Steiger 1
9163 GV, Nes Ameland

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Bike rental Kiewiet, locations

Dock of Nes

One of our branches is located on the ferry dock at the arrival point of the ferries. This is the ideal place to rent a bike right from the boat.

Oude Steiger 1
9163 GV Nes

Centre of Nes

Apart from bicycle rental, we also have a nice bicycle shop at our location in the centre of Nes. 

Marten Janzsenstraat 6
9163 ZL Nes

Camping Duinoord

In Nes, you can also find us at Camping Duinoord.

Jan van Eijkweg
9163 PB Nes

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