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Visit the film set of Penny´s Shadow

In 2010, Ameland formed the setting in the motion picture Penny's Shadow,a Dutch juvile movie produced by Steven de Jong, starring Liza Sips and Levi van Kempen (in the roles of Lisa and Kai).

The recording took place in the dunes, in the vicinity of the lighthouse.
After the recording, the film set remained in the same location for another 18 months. Subsequenty, it was torn down and rebuilt adjacent to vacation farmstead “De Lange Dunen” in Ballum.

Fun fact: this is where Shadow stayed during the recordings and Lisa and Kai took horseriding lessons! It is possible to visit the fillm set of Penny's Shadow. You can either walk around the set by yourself, or take part in a tour. Whilst touring the set, feel free to take a photograph with Shadow (just bring someone along who can take pictures).

The film set is arranged in such a way that you get a good idea of 'the making of'the film. The film set of Penny's Shadow is open from 13:30 - 16:00 on following days.

2023 - Visit film set, without guided tour
Saturday 25 November
Saturday 2 December
Saturday 9 December
Saturday 16 December
Saturday 23 December
Saturday 30 December

Price visiting film set without guided tour:

  • € 4,00 p.p. as from 5 years

Visit to film set, including guided tour
Join the guided tour, see the Penny's Shadow film set and hear all kinds of fun facts about the film. The film set tours take place on the following days, starting at 14:00.

2023 - Visit film set, including guided tour
There are no tours planned at the moment

Price visiting film set including guided tour:

  • € 6,00 p.p. up to and including 14 years
  • € 8,00 p.p. as from 15 years

Tickets are for sale at VVV Ameland. Please reserve online tickets using the blue button on the site. Reserving tickets by telephone is not possible at VVV Ameland.

Film set Penny´s Shadow

Pietje Miedeweg 1
9162 EH, Ballum

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