Overview markets and fairs Ameland

Overview of street markets and fairs

In summer there are various street fairs and markets all over Ameland. You can find books, clothes, art, jewelry, flowers, and refreshments here.

Below please find the various dates.

Date 2019 What Where
10 July street fair Nes
17 July street fair Hollum
18 July street fair Buren
23 July flea market De Toel - Nes
24 July street fair Nes
31 July street fair Hollum
1 August street fair Buren
5 August children's street fair Nes
7 August street fair Nes
14 August street fair Hollum
15 August street fair Buren
21 August street fair Nes
28 December seasonal street market Hollum
30 December winter market Roosdunen - Ballum

Subject to changes.

Overview of street markets and fairs

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