Mudflat wandering tour - Tourist Information

Mudflat wandering tour

Wandering the mudflats on the Wad near Ameland means 2 hours of thoroughly enjoying its unique flora and fauna, magnificent panoramic views, and the vastness of an extraordinary  nature area, whilst we hike along the bottom of the wad.

Along the way your guide will show you the remarkable underwater life. Small crabs, flatfish, starfish, you will come across all of them.

Wandering the mudflats is not only an amazing activity, but most of all a unique experience, which is organised on set dates and times.

The Mudflat wandering tour is only organized in the summer months.

Please take a look at the activities schedule to see if a Mudflat wandering is planned during your stay, or visit tourist office VVV Ameland.

Tickets are for sale at VVV Ameland, among others. Reserving online or by telephone is not possible at VVV Ameland.

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