Mini Wadexcursie - Tourist Information

Mini Mudflat excursion

Shrimp, crabs and shells. Find them and catch them. Together, enjoy everything that moves and crawls on and in the soil of the mudflat. This excursion on the Wad is suitable for kids aged 3 -7 and their parents. The excursion takes about 1 hour.

It is also a unique experience for the little ones to discover what lives and can be seen on the Wadden Sea. That is why the Ameland Nature Center organizes a MINI-Wad excursion especially for children up to 8 years old and their parents. Together with the Wad guide you will go out onto the Wadden Sea. Not too far but just far enough to find everything with a scooping net and bucket. Tickling shrimps, small fish, a starfish, there is plenty to find and you can admire it all up close during the MINI-Wad excursion.

The excursion lasts one hour.

Participation is only possible if the children are accompanied by an adult. This excursion is given in Dutch.

Check the activity programme to see if there is a excursion planned during your stay or drop by VVV Ameland.

Tickets are on sale at VVV Ameland. You can reserve tickets online using the blue buttons. It is not possible to reserve tickets by telephone.

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