Excursion in the duck decoy - Tourist information

Excursion in the duck decoy

The duck decoy on the 'Kooiplaats' east of Buren is fully accesible for the public again. In a peaceful and mysterious atmosphere you will be showed around by a guide.

In 1705, Amalia van Anhalt Dessau, prinsess of Orange, assigned to set up this duck decoy, a year after she bought Ameland. The profit was meant for her son Johan Willem Friso. Via a tour along the different capture pipes the guide tells you about this special catching method. Of course, a bit of Ameland history, will be brought up.

In the cage, different kinds of ducks are still present nowadays. In a tour of about an hour you will be fully informed about this old-Dutch craft.

Please take a look at the activities schedule to see if a Excursion at the duck decoy is planned during your stay, or visit tourist office VVV Ameland.

Tickets are for sale at VVV Ameland, among others. Reserving online or by telephone is not possible at VVV Ameland.

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