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Sporty and active

Ameland offers plenty opportunity for sporty (beach) activities. The following activities have been adjusted to such an extent that people with restricted ability can also participate.

Beach sailing
Ameland Adventure has acquired the duobuggy in order to accommodate guests with restricted ability. Participation is therefore now possible, under supervision. Please do ensure you reserve in advance to avoid disappointment.

Ameland Adventure offers archery as an activity. Do you have restricted ability and want to participate, please ask Ameland Adventure for to and from transport arrangements. 

Interested in rafting against the surf? Ameland Adventure now also offers rafting for guest with restricted ability, under supervision. 

Especially for guests with restricted mobility, transport can be arranged to and from the location on the beach. Feel free to ask about this when you make a reservation at the VVV Ameland information counter.

Sporty and active

Ameland Adventure

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