Excursies op Ameland - VVV Ameland


At the Nature centre in Nes on Ameland staff are trying their best to ensure visitors are able to discover the island in their own way. Whether you are in a wheelchair, have difficulty walking, or are visually impaired, excursions can always be tailor-made. The following is a selection of examples of the possibilities:

  • A mudflat hike with mentally disabled guests
  • To the "Feugelpôlle" with wheelchair users for a nature excursion on the dike
  • A tour of the various Amelander museums with a group of blind visitors

Please take a look here for an overview of the excursions organised by the Nature centre.

If you wish to participate in one of the existing excursions, then a wheelchair can be borrowed from the Nature centre. Please enquire at the front desk of the Nature centre.

The 'Paddepad'  walking route is entirely suitable for wheelchair users. This route is described in the walking guide Wandelen op Ameland and you will also find it on our Dutch website.


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