Seal boat m.s. Ameland

Seal boat m.s. Ameland

MS Ameland is the biggest and cosiest excursion boat on the Wad. The destination is the seal reef between Terschelling and Ameland, where you can see Waddensea seals up close.

You can find the 'Robbenboot' (Seal boat) on the ferry dock. Our ship is the first excursion boat on your right.

The 'Robbenboot'  is especially designed for the mudflats. This means the steady ship can sail through ditches at low tide, bringing you closer to the seals and the birds on the mudflats. The ship has an upper deck, with a magnificent view over sea and island. It includes a sun deck, where you can always find a spot out of the wind. A bar and cafeteria are on board. In the two lounges you sit at tables which contain a map of the Wad inside, so you can follow your journey in detail. For our younger guests we have a playing area. In short, a comfortable boat fitted with all conveniences!

MS Ameland is accessible for wheelchair passengers. A bathroom for the disabled is available on board.

The lounges offer sufficient space for wheelchair passengers to join their groups at the tables.

You can have a look in the online activity calendar to see if the activity takes place during your stay on the island. 

You can also visit the VVV Tourist Information Office in Hollum or Nes for a free program of all the activities and for buying tickets.

It is not possible to book tickets by phone or online by the VVV Tourist Information Centre.

Seal boat m.s. Ameland

Smitteweg 1A
9162 EC, Ballum Ameland
+31 6-20034241

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