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Boat excursion company Zeehond

Cruising along in our gorgeous Wadden nature area and observing seals from up close is a unique experience for the entire family!

Choose a trip with our child-friendly, well-maintained ship "MS Zeehond" to the seal sandbar, combined with a visit to the shell sandbar or launching of the Ameland horse-pulled rescue boat. Or even a trip to another Waddden island for one day! The ship that distinguishes itself in service and quality!

The spacious, tastefully decorated lounge, which is heated in winter and airconditioned in summer, has large windows. In addition, it offers 2 bathrooms, a bar, a sundeck, and an entertaining 50m2 play area for kids up to 9 years of age. This play area is open during the return journey. At that time you will also be able to visit the wheelhouse and ask the captain if you may take a picture of you or your child standing behind the big steering wheel. A unique photo opportunity!

Always"live" information (Dutch/German) - Free Wifi - dogs allowed/water available

De Zeehond has a number of special amenities

The boat is outfitted with wide doors for wheelchair users and walkers. The electrically operated gangway, which allows safe boarding, is so wide that it is easy to board with a walker, (electrical) wheelchair, and a small mobility scooter. This specially developed gangway is positioned between boat and dock in such a way that even with low tide the boarding process is easy.

From 1 November through the end of March a different docking location (the yacht harbour) and gangway is used. In case of doubt it is best to contact us.

At the front of the lounge one seating area with more space is available, which allows up to 2 electrical or 3 regular wheelchairs to be placed next to each other and close to the table. This ensures that also wheelchair users will have a clear view of the Waddensea and the seals. Groups including more than one wheelchair user are kindly requested to contact us prior to the trip to ensure that this space is reserved for you.

Please take a look at the activities schedule to see if a trip with the seal boat is planned during your stay, or visit tourist office VVV Ameland.

Tickets are for sale at VVV Ameland. Please reserve online tickets using the blue button on the site. Reserving tickets by telephone is not possible at VVV Ameland.

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