Restaurant De Hekseketel - Tourist Information

Restaurant De Hekseketel

Restaurant de Hekseketel is the ideal location for an inspiring meeting or brainstorming session on Ameland. Fully catered & small-scale meetings on Ameland!

Looking for an inspiring place for a meeting? 

Meeting outside the door is just that little bit different. A different environment, a different atmosphere but above all a different energy. Exactly what is needed for a good result. 

We offer a unique meeting location for High sessions and meetings lasting several days, located on one of the most beautiful spots in the Netherlands: Ameland. Accept the challenge to think outside the box and be creative. Because both inside and outside, the effect of the North Sea air the island and nature can be felt, leaving you noticeably inspired.

Restaurant de Hekseketel

Torenstraat 11
9163 HD, Nes

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