Royal Dutch Rescue Organisation KNRM - VVV Ameland

Royal Dutch Rescue Organisation KNRM

The Royal Dutch Rescue Organisation (KNRM) counts two locations on Ameland, one in the village Nes and one in the "Ballumerbocht" near Ballum.

KNRM-location Ballumerbocht - VVV Ameland

KNRM-location Ballumerbocht

The Ballumerbocht is situated at the side of the Wadden sea, southeast of the village Ballum. In this small harbour the rescue boat of Ameland is based. The boat house for the crew of the KNRM is also located here.

Address: Smitteweg 26
Telephone number boat house: 0031519-44499

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KNRM-location Nes - VVV Ameland

KNRM-location Nes

The boat house of the KNRM in Nes is located at Ballumerweg 34. This is also the visiting address of the rescue station.

Telephone number boat house: 0031519-542134

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