Federation Mennonite-Reformed Nes Ameland

Confederacy Mennonite-Reformed Nes

Along the Vermaningspad in Nes the oldest Mennonite church of Ameland can be found. It is still the historic admonition (Vermaning) of the Waterland municipality in Nes. After the general reunification in 1854, the Jan Jacobschurch was demolished the following year.

This church dates back to 1650. The church of the Foppe Ones people had the same fate back in 1804-1805. Until 1804, in fact, there were three mennonite communities in Nes.

Church council rooms

The current Vermaning was truly refurbished in 1843 for the last time. The  small church council rooms on the east side were built then, the walls were made higher and the roof was changed. For the most part, the interior also dates back to that time.

Sheer sobriety

The interior looks very austere and leaves the visitor with a sense of what life would have been like in these churches.  The small pulpit, the chairs, the harmonium, it gives the impression of a living room where the community gets together.


Adjacent to this church a small house was built.  This cottage is called the ‘Menno-huisje’ according to its exterior name shield, but it has no connection to the church or the Mennonite community. The entire setup does suggest that it used to be a farm, possibly refurbished to a church at a later stage.

Source: "Rij d’r eens langs!"(Drive by) Travel guide along Ameland Churches and Headstones by J.H. Strubbe

Address: Vermaningspad 1, 9163 JD Nes

Vermaningspad 1
9163 JD, Nes

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